Reflect, oil on canvas, 24in x 72in, 2006

About the Series
2001, 2006
The reservoirs portrayed in these paintings are located in the Southwest region of the United States. All of the lakes depicted are artificially created and provide storage and filtration of water for human usage. The tranquil beauty of these pools of water disguises the critical role they play in our everyday lives.
As a semi-arid desert region, 10-20% of the water supply is from rainfall and collected in local reservoirs. 80-90% is imported through aqueducts from other areas of the country. Our existence here is heavily reliant on the ingenuity of water systems.
Intricate waterways connect these lakes, and thereby provide water for domestic needs, farming, fishing, and recreation. Each lake retains its individuality, but the change in the water level as one lake drains into another continually alters the surrounding terrain and ecosystem. The horizon line in the paintings links them together and the format remains the same to emphasize the distinctive visual appearance of each one.
Disputes regarding water rights have flared between farmers and environmentalists for generations. The choices will become increasingly more difficult as we face the reality that there is not enough water here for everybody who wants it. These bodies of water accentuate the tenuous coexistence between the cultivated and natural environment.
oil on canvas, 10 panels, 13′ x 84″ each, 2001
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